Sunday nights 8:45-9:45pm. Check out Pegula's available freestyle sessions.


You may have heard that Pegula is home to "Hockey Valley" here at Penn State, but it is also the home to the figure skaters from the University and the State College area. Pegula provides an environment for college students to become a part of a small, close-knit community to enjoy a shared love for the ice.


The Penn State Figure Skating Team, established in 1994, has grown immensely in membership and dedication. The Team's mission is to provide a student skating community for those interested in pursuing the sport recreationally, and a select team for those who want to pursue the sport competitively. We strive to encourage competition, leadership, exercise, friendship and improvement in skating skills. Additionally, our members participate in weekly social events off the ice. Figure skating exercises both the mind and body, and we strive to translate our strengths from skating to our education as Penn State students.

We are looking to build a community of people passionate about figure skating.